Accounting & bookkeeping has never been this easy

Xero saves you time & money

People in the know don't refer to Xero as beautiful accounting software for nothing.


Having had the misfortune of using other accounting software in the past, we couldn't agree more! 


But Xero doesn't just look better, it also works better. 


Here's why we think Xero is the only show in town for small Kiwi businesses:


Beautifully Simple

With its delicious interface and logical structure, Xero is a breeze to learn and use.  In fact, most people actually enjoy using Xero - which isn’t something you hear often when it comes to finance-related tasks!



With the right setup and support, Xero has the power to automate tasks that you’d otherwise have to do yourself. The fancy term for this is process automation – which, put simply, means you’ll save oodles of time and effort getting stuff done.

Freedom & Mobility

Unlike traditional accounting software, Xero doesn’t pin you to your desk - or to a particular computer.  It’s called Cloud Computing and it means you’ll be able to run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go. 


Xero makes it easy for you to work seamlessly as a team on your financials.  So whether it’s letting your employees submit expense claims directly in Xero, or asking your bookkeeper to solve a more curly issue, Xero has the smarts to make collaboration easy.      

Accuracy & Consistency

Xero doesn’t suffer from the limitations of file-based systems like Excel and many of the older accounting systems. That means there’s no chance of data inconsistencies and no messing around emailing files between users. Instead, everyone taps into a single, centralised system so there’s only ever one source of the truth. 

All In One

Xero comes with everything most small businesses need to run their finances.  And if there happens to be something you need that’s missing, you’ll no doubt find it amongst the 500-odd business apps that are already integrated with Xero. 

Easy Setup

If you’re worried about the amount of effort required to switch over to Xero from your current system, don’t!  With the right support, you’ll be up and running in no time and never look back.


With over 700,000 customers, Xero is seriously 'happening'. That means they have very deep pockets to continue to invest in things like product support, data security and software development.

Xero Features

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Or if you prefer, head on over to the Xero website to explore for yourself.  

Bank Reconciliation


Keep track of your cash with automated bank feeds and one-click reconciliation.



Manage your income and expenses by job so you can drive up profitability.



Never lose sight of your key numbers with automated, real-time dashboards.



Spend less time processing your payroll and paying the Inland Revenue.

GST Returns


Automatically calculate and file your GST return without leaving Xero.



Automatically know your best performing items and current stock levels. 



Save time and money by getting paid faster with online invoicing.



Improve your cash flow by automatically paying your bills just in time.

Mobile App


Maximise productivity by performing key tasks wherever and whenever you need.