Why ZeroBooks?

Hi and welcome to ZeroBooks.

As our names suggests, we help small businesses save time & money on their accounting, payroll and tax activities.  We do this by showing them how their financial processes can be streamlined by using software such as Xero.

Not only will we lower your accounting & compliance costs, we'll also show you how your numbers can help steer you and deliver insights. 


Perish the thought, we might even change your view of bean counters!

What makes us tick

Having shoddy accounts is no laughing matter. In fact it’s a huge waste of time and money – not to mention the stress and misery it can cause.


At ZeroBooks we take away your accounting pains and free you up to do what you’re good at - and enjoy!

In terms of our philosophy, it goes something like this ... 

Just because accounting is a critical part of running a business, doesn’t mean it needs to be hard or time consuming.  And neither should it be accepted as a cost.


Instead, accounting needs to be something that continually adds value and delivers a positive return on the investment.

If that’s a philosophy you subscribe to – or at least like the sound of – why not give us a call?  

It could be the best decision you make about your business for quite some time.

A little about us


We are a passionate team of straight-talkers who truly believe we can make a difference to the profitability of small New Zealand businesses.


We get our kicks out of showing those companies better, more efficient ways of managing their financials and delivering tangible value.


We look out for our clients - and for each other.


We work hard and we play hard.


We are fierce advocates of integrity and quality.


We also hate hype and hyperbole. Instead, we believe in telling it how it is.


Sure, we occasionally blow our own trumpet but we're also our own biggest critics - tackling our weaknesses head on so we can do something about them.


Oh, and we're also pretty good at accounting. But that's another story...


Need more details? 


Please don't hesitate to send us a quick message and we'll be back in touch very soon.


Or, if you prefer, simply call us on the number below. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.